Asphalt Wheel Chair Ramps in Perth

We design and build high quality asphalt wheel chair ramps for both private and commercial customers across the city. We are happy to work to your specifications if you already have a design that you would like to use or we can design one for you that will meet all of your needs. When it comes to building ramps for wheel chairs, safety is of course a primary concern and we make sure that all of our ramps comply with the latest industry and local authority guidelines. Generally speaking, it is unwise to build a ramp with a gradient steeper than 1:12 and if slippery conditions are anticipated, such as in areas where fallen leaves during heavy rain may be a concern, a gradient of 1:18 may be more appropriate.

Wheelchair Ramp

Main Factors to Consider When Building a New Wheel Chair Ramp

We will of course be delighted to discuss all the options with you in detail over the phone, or in person if you desire, but in the meantime, here are some factors that you might like to consider:

  • Slope – As mentioned above, a gentle gradient is essential when building a ramp of this nature, for both practical and safety reasons. Using too steep a gradient would defeat the whole purpose of the ramp so it is very important to get this right at the planning stage. The gradient that you choose will also have a major impact on the next factor to consider: length.
  • The length of your new ramp will be dependent on two main factors: the chosen gradient and the available space. To explain it in simple terms, the recommended gradient of 1:12 would mean that your ramp rises a total of 1 metre over a 12-metre section.  If you want a ramp that enables wheel chair users to easily access a building with a door that is 50cm above the surrounding ground level, you will therefore need to make it at least 6 metres long. If more space is available, you may wish to choose a gentler gradient that ensures easy access in all weathers.
  • Layout – In areas such as public parks, where a fairly steep climb may have to be negotiated in order to reach certain facilities, a ramp that follows a curved design may be the most practical choice. In the same way that winding mountain paths are designed to allow climbers an easier route to the top, an asphalt wheel chair ramp in Perth that follows a curved or spiral design will be able to achieve the same aim. Particularly long ramps should feature resting platforms along the way, to ensure that those who are using their own muscle power to propel themselves up the ramp have an opportunity to take a breather when necessary.
  • Width – Your ramp will of course need to be wide enough to accommodate the widest wheel chair designs that are currently in use but you also need to consider other features, such as safety rails, when calculating the optimum width.  While a straight ramp over a very gentle gradient may not require safety rails, a longer, curved one will benefit from the addition of such features.
  • Construction Time – The amount of time that will be required to construct your new ramp and whether the construction work will cause any access issues are two factors that both need to be considered at the planning and design stage. If necessary, you may need to postpone the project until such a time as access is not required. If for example, the ramp is intended to provide wheel chair access to pupils and staff at a local educational institution, the end of term may be the best time to start work.
  • Cost – Whether you are planning a new ramp for a local government building or for your own private residence, cost will normally be an important factor. While you will not of course want to make any compromises as far as safety and quality of construction are concerned, it is a good idea to have some kind of figure in mind before you request a quotation.

As mentioned above, we will of course be more than happy to help you with any factors about which you may be unsure and will provide a comprehensive design and build service if required. We  are proud of our track record as far as wheel chair ramps in Perth are concerned and look forward to building yours in the near future.