Asphalt Speed Bumps in Perth

We offer a design and build service for asphalt speed bumps in all parts of Perth and the surrounding area. While they may look like very simple devices, it is important to design and build them to fairly tight tolerances if you want them to be both safe and effective. Whether you need a single speed bump in a residential road or a series of them in an industrial park, please feel free to call us at any time to discuss your requirements. If you already have detailed specifications prepared, we can of course work to these rather than designing new bumps from scratch. Our main priority is to ensure that you get exactly what you want and that the bumps are built with safety and longevity in mind.

Just painted stripes on a speed bump

Preparing for the Installation of Speed Bumps

Some of the considerations below apply only to bumps that are installed on public highways but most apply to bumps in all areas, including private industrial and commercial parks, school grounds, and private residential developments. You may very well be aware of some or all of them already but we put them here for reference in case there are any that have been overlooked.

  • Meetings with Local Property Owners – As speed bumps in residential roads have a direct effect on those who are living in the vicinity, it is important to canvas their opinions and make them aware of your plans well before any construction work on the project starts. Of particular importance are those property owners whose driveways enter the road within a few metres of the proposed sites for your speed bumps.
  • Meetings with Local Emergency Services – Representatives from the main emergency services should be consulted before the installation of speed bumps in Perth. Access for fire engines and ambulances is particularly important and any negative impact that your speed reduction devices may have on their ability to travel swiftly through the area when an emergency situation is in progress must be considered carefully.
  • Meeting with Local Schools and Other Educational Institutions – Any school vehicle drivers who may be affected by your new speed bumps should of course be made aware of your intentions at the earliest possible opportunity so that they have the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have.
  • Open Consultation – It is a good idea to hold an open consultation for proposed speed bumps that may affect a large number of people so that all concerned are aware of what is happening and can make any comments they may have regarding the sites where you intend to install each speed bump.

The idea of so many consultations may not appeal to you but in our experience, it is better to make sure that everybody who may be affected by new speed bumps is aware of them before they are built. It is much easier and cheaper to make changes at the planning stage than it is to do so once the construction of the bumps has actually started.

Why Hire Protec to Build Your Speed Bumps?

Although the construction of a speed bump is not a very complicated process, it is important get the design and location right if you are to achieve your desired aims. By choosing to work with a local company that has many years of experience in this field, you will be able to avoid the problems that beset others who are less careful when installing speed bumps in Perth. From our experience, there are 3 key stages to any successful installation:

  • Planning & Design – This the initial stage, where we discuss your requirements and in particular the goals you are hoping to achieve with your new speed bumps. The more thorough we are at this stage, the greater the chance that your project will be a resounding success, which is why we always invest the time and effort needed to discuss all the relevant factors in detail.
  • Consultation – As discussed in detail above, it is very important to make sure that everybody who may be affected by the installation of speed bumps is aware of the fact before they are actually installed.
  • Implementation – Once the first two stages have been completed, our team of experts will create your new speed bumps using high quality asphalt.

To get your project off to the best start possible, call Protec Asphalt today. We have completed many speed bump installations in the city and are aware of all the potential pitfalls and, more importantly, how best to avoid them.