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Professional Pothole Repairs in Perth

The very nature of potholes in asphalt surfaces is for them to degrade over time. The worse they get, the more expensive they are to repair and the greater the danger they pose to vehicles and pedestrians alike. It is for these reasons that we recommend contacting us and requesting a quotation for pothole repairs in Perth at the earliest opportunity. While we are capable of repairing holes of all shapes and sizes, we always have your best interests at heart and would like to help you to save money and avoid putting yourselves at risk if we can.

What the Repair Process Involves

There are two main types of asphalt repair techniques employed to deal with potholes: full-depth patches and surface patches. The former are intended as permanent repairs and should last for many years whereas the latter are a temporary measure generally employed as an emergency response until a more permanent fix can be effected.

  • Full-Depth Patching – This method involves the removal of the whole surface layer of pavement, pathway, driveway or road. The precise depth to which the removal process reaches will depend on where firm support can be found. As soon as the excavation reaches a level where there is firm support on which new asphalt can be laid, it can be considered as complete. In some cases this will involve the removal of sub-grade material as well as the asphalt itself. The area excavated will extend into unaffected asphalt around the pothole, to help minimise the possibility of surface failure in exactly the same location in the future.
  • Once the pothole and surrounding area have been fully excavated and the ground has been prepared for patching, a hot asphalt mix is used to backfill the hole before being compacted. The compaction stage is a critical part of the overall repair process because if it is not performed effectively, the weight of passing traffic after the repair is completed may compress the asphalt further and create a depression in the surface. It is normal practice to overfill potholes slightly, as a certain amount of post-repair compaction from traffic is inevitable.
  • Surface Patching – Rather than cutting the asphalt, then excavating until reaching a depth where firm support is found, the top layer of degraded asphalt is milled to a depth around three times the diameter of the aggregate used in the patching process. It is then filled in the same manner as for full-depth patches. This technique is suitable for small repairs or areas of low traffic but is not recommended if you are looking for a long-term solution that will ensure the same spot will not need to be repaired again in the near future.

The Costs

As you can imagine, surface patching is considerably cheaper than full-depth patching but because it is likely that the procedure will need to be repeated in the future, or a more permanent full-depth repair performed at a later date, it is not the most economical choice in the long run. If you are not sure which type of pothole repair in Perth is the most suitable for your needs, please feel free to call and speak to a member of our team during business hours. We are always happy to help and advise new clients, and will provide an objective opinion on the best course of action for you to take.

There are a number of factors to take into account when deciding which option is best for your needs, including your current cash flow situation, the amount of traffic you expect in the affected area, and the importance of aesthetics. A well executed full-depth patch repair is normally the preferred method in areas where appearances are important, such as the forecourts of commercial buildings.

A Highly Professional Service

Although patching a pothole may sound like a relatively easy task, it is one that must be completed properly if the repair work is to provide a long-term solution. When you hire Protec Asphalt, you can rest assured that all repairs will be carried out to the highest of standards, in accordance with the latest industry regulations and recommended practices. By tacking the edges and repairing the base when necessary, we are able to ensure the longevity of our repairs. However, in emergency situations, where motorists may be at risk, we can employ temporary techniques such as throw-and-go-, throw-and-roll, and spray injection too. Whatever type of pothole repair you may need, call today to discuss your requirements and to request a detailed quotation.