Professionally Installed Kerbing in Perth

We supply and install high quality extruded concrete kerbing to commercial and residential clients in all areas of Perth. We can install kerbing at the same time as laying new asphalt surfaces or repair existing installations to ensure they continue to provide the necessary support to the surfaces they border. On busy thoroughfares properly installed quality kerbing can help to prevent lateral displacement of asphalt and other surfaces, which might otherwise occur due to the weight of traffic passing through. For private driveways leading to residential properties they are normally more of a decorative fixture but they can fulfil other important functions and the fact they can significantly improve the appearance of asphalt driveways and paths makes them a popular choice among local homeowners.

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Protec Asphalt’s Kerbing Services In Perth

We provide kerbing services to private individuals, commercial organisations, and civic authorities in the city and surrounding area. All of the work we perform is carried out in accordance with the guidelines and regulations issued by Mains Roads Western Australia so you can rest assured that your new kerbing will be professionally installed in full compliance with all relevant regulations. Whether working on private or local government projects, all the installations that we undertake are completed to the highest of standards, ensuring first-class results for our customers every time. For a summary of reasons you might want to install kerbing in Perth on public or private highways, please see below.

The Benefits of Kerbing

Kerb construction along the boundaries of asphalt surfaced roads offers the following potential benefits:

  • Improved Drainage – Certain types of concrete kerbing can be used to create a channel at the side of roads and driveways, where water can more easily drain from the asphalt surface. Better drainage reduces erosion over time, helping to maintain the adjacent surface in good condition for longer than would otherwise be possible.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – There is no doubt that a freshly laid asphalt surface looks much better when bordered with attractive concrete kerbing. Whether you are planning a new asphalt road through a local leisure facility or a new driveway for your home, professionally installed kerbing will make all the difference as far as visual appeal is concerned.
  • Lower Maintenance Overheads – High quality kerbing that is installed by experienced professionals will protect the edge of your asphalt surface, i.e. the shoulder, from erosion and other damage. This will help to lower the cost of maintaining the surface in good condition over the years to come.
  • Creating a Visual Boundary – When landscaping a public park or private garden, the creation of a solid boundary between the asphalt surface and the surrounding grass or shrubbery can make it much easier to produce an appealing layout. Without such a boundary, the border between asphalt and nature will be less well defined, which many people will find less pleasing to the eye.
  • Protection for Pedestrians – A clear visual boundary between road and pavement helps to focus motorists’ minds and stop them from wandering off course. While concrete kerbing is not physically capable of preventing a vehicle that is travelling at high speed from leaving the road, statistics show that it is a very effective visual reminder to absent-minded drivers. Kerbing is, however, effective at stopping slow-moving traffic from crossing the boundary between road and pavement, making it a useful safety feature for asphalt roads in schools, universities, and other areas with low speed limits.
  • Control of Car Parks– Raised kerbing will stop motorists from parking in areas where they are not supposed to, doing away with the need for a 24-hour physical presence in public and private car parks where this may currently be an issue.

Because Protec Asphalt has worked with kerbing in a wide variety of environments, we have the requisite knowledge and expertise to design and complete new installations for clients both domestic and commercial, in all areas of the city. Whatever you have in mind, come and talk to us about it and we can help you turn your visions into physical reality. After listening to your requirements, we can draw up a plan that takes them all into account and work out a mutually convenient schedule of works.

Call us today and we will make sure that your next project involving kerbing in Perth is a resounding success. With our experience, our fully trained technicians, and our meticulously maintained equipment, you can be sure that your kerbing will be completed to the highest of standards and finished within the agreed timetable.