Bitumen Driveways in Perth

Whatever type of property you own, a quality bitumen driveway will add serious kerb appeal and provide you with a durable finish that will last for years. Having installed such driveways in many different properties across the city and surrounding area, we have a wealth of experience on which to draw and a first-class team of technicians who take great pride in the quality of the work they perform. When you entrust your new driveway to Protec Asphalt, you know that the work will be carried out to exceptionally high standards and the end result will be something you can be truly proud of for years to come.

What Exactly Is a Bitumen Driveway?

Your new driveway will be a meticulously engineered mixture of aggregate and asphalt cement (bitumen). The aggregate used will be heated and mixed in precise proportions with the bitumen to ensure that it forms a beautiful and hardwearing surface once it has been placed upon a carefully prepared base. The bitumen is heated before being mixed with the aggregate and the resulting mixture is laid while it is still hot. As you can imagine, this is not a job for amateurs: our team of experienced professionals have spent years perfecting the art of mixing and laying bitumen driveways, and can be relied on to produce outstanding results every time.

bitumen driveways perth

Why Choose Bitumen Surfaces?

Much of the world’s roads are surfaced with this mixture because of its many highly attractive qualities.

  • Unaffected By Salt – If you live in an area to the east of Perth where frosts may be a common occurrence, you can choose a bitumen surface with confidence as it will not be adversely affected by the application of salt.
  • Durability – The nature of bitumen surfaces mean that they are flexible and will not easily crack due to changes in the temperature or during adverse weather conditions. The fact they are used on so many major highways all over the world is a testament to the strength and durability of asphalt surfaces. In addition to its ability to cope with high and fluctuating temperatures, bitumen, or asphalt, is engineered to be able to withstand the freezing and thawing process that takes place numerous times throughout the winter months in some parts of the country.
  • It Forms a Smooth, Level Surface – Once it has set, which is a very quick process, it provides a very smooth, level surface that is perfect for roads, driveways, and any other application where a rough surface is undesirable. It is a very good choice for outdoor areas in industrial developments, where forklift trucks that function best on surfaces with no unexpected bumps and hollows operate on a daily basis.
  • Easy to Repair – In the event that you need to excavate in an area that has an asphalt top surface, you can look forward to a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive repair job after the excavations have been completed and it is time to backfill the holes. While you may have no plans to dig up your bitumen driveway in the near future, it is reassuring to know that in the event a local authority or utility company has to do so, the surface can be repaired without any major issues.
  • Economical – The competitive prices that we charge for asphalt surfaces, combined with their durable, low maintenance nature, make them one of the most economical choices for homeowners, commercial organisations, and civic authorities alike. If you are looking for a surface that will not easily degrade, requires a minimum of maintenance, and will not need to be replaced for many years, asphalt, or bitumen, is an excellent choice.
  • Quick to Set – Whereas you must wait for several days before you can drive on a newly laid concrete surface, bitumen sets within a matter of hours. This makes it a far more convenient option for homeowners who have nowhere else to park their car while their driveway is being resurfaced. For commercial car park operators and companies with many employees who travel to work by car, you can imagine how much easier a new bitumen surface makes their lives.

If you would like to find out just how much our bitumen driveways in Perth cost, please get in touch with us whenever convenient. We provide a first-class service, top quality materials, and fully qualified personnel, all at very competitive rates. If you choose Protec Asphalt to install your new driveway, we promise you will not be disappointed.