Base Work In Perth From Protec Aspalt

The preparation of the base on which a new asphalt surface is to be laid is just as important as the process of mixing the asphalt and aggregate, and actually laying it. The base needs to be properly compacted, completely level, and as smooth as possible: only then can you hope to achieve good results with the laying of the asphalt. When laying new asphalt surfaces for our clients in Perth, we take care of all the necessary base work ourselves rather than subcontracting it to a third party company. This ensures that we are able to control the process from start to finish and make certain that our exceptionally high standards are upheld throughout the preparation stage.

two yellow skid steers with raiced bucket outdoors


How Protec Achieves Outstanding Results Every Time

We are able to guarantee first-class results on every project we undertake owing to the following factors:

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians – Our base work team is among the very best in WA, with many years of experience and access to ongoing training throughout their time with us. We recruit the best and make them even better! Although there are many other factors that go toward making us the best in the business, the most important of which are featured in this list, we firmly believe that it is our personnel who make us what we are. Without their knowledge, insight, and commitment to excellence, we would not be able to complete the base work we undertake to such high standards.
  • Well Maintained Equipment – All of our plant and machinery is maintained in excellent working order, ensuring that unexpected breakdowns are a rarity. Our team are able to complete preparation work quickly and efficiently for two reasons: firstly, they have the knowledge and experience to solve any problems they may encounter and secondly, they have the equipment they need to deal with any eventuality.
  • Professional Project Management – While some companies may send a team of inexperienced, unskilled labour to perform base work in Perth, we only use highly skilled technicians and our team is always supervised by a senior manager with many years of relevant industry experience. We don’t believe in leaving things to chance when it comes to preparation work: it takes time, effort, and dedication to produce outstanding results on a consistent basis.
  • Meticulous Planning – Base work is just the first stage in laying a new asphalt surface but as far as we are concerned, it is the most important. Get the base right and everything else falls into place; make a mess of the preparation work and it is an uphill battle to produce a satisfactory surface with which the client will be happy. For this reason, we plan every last detail of our base work, leaving nothing to chance. We believe it is our painstaking approach to planning that has enabled us to achieve a 100% success rate over the years.
  • Constant Communication with the Client – When we say we are in constant communication with our clients, we do not mean that we are on the phone every 5 minutes, giving a blow-by-blow account of the excavation and compaction process. What we mean is that we make sure you are kept abreast of all important developments throughout the preparation stage and are always consulted in the event that problems are encountered and decisions that may affect the quality of the finished asphalt surface need to be taken.
  • Budget Conscious Project Managers – We understand that local authorities, commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and private individuals do not have unlimited amounts of money to throw at problems that may be encountered during the preparation phase. It is for this reason that we only employ project managers who are able to solve any issues they are faced with in a cost effective manner, without compromising on the quality of the base work in question.
  • Contingency Planning – We never send our team to your site and simply hope for the best. We always make contingency plans to ensure that if any of our equipment should break down or a member of our team is called away for a personal emergency, we can supply a replacement immediately and avoid any delays to your project.

If you would like to find out for yourself just why we are considered as the very best in the business when it comes to base work in Perth, hire us for your next project. You can obtain a competitive quotation by calling us on 0416 175 975.