Cutting Asphalt

Asphalt Cutting in Perth

Whether you need a patch repair for a crumbling section of asphalt, a trench cut and excavated in order to lay utility cables and pipes, or a channel cut to make room for new kerbing, Protec Asphalt can take care of all your needs. Using hard-bonded, diamond blade circular saws, we can cut large sections of asphalt in no time at all, before removing it with shovels and transporting it to the nearest environmentally friendly waste disposal site.

Whether you simply need us to perform the cutting and removal, or you would like us to handle the repair work too, please do not hesitate to call and request a detailed quotation whenever you have a moment to spare.



Efficient and Accurate Asphalt Cutting

There are three main steps involved in cutting asphalt and close attention needs to be paid to all three if speed and accuracy are to be achieved.

  • Cleaning – The surface that is to be cut needs to be swept clean of dirt and loose stones as these could damage the saw as it is cutting through the asphalt. This may seem like a tedious and rather unimportant task but if it is not completed efficiently we would go through more blades than necessary, and having to stop and change them could delay the work being performed.
  • Marking the Area to Be Cut – We normally use chalk to draw the lines where the asphalt needs to be cut. We then create slight indentations along the length of the lines before using the saw, to help guide the blade as it cuts. If we are performing a pothole repair, we will mark the cutting lines a short distance from the edge of the pothole, in parts of the surface that are still in good condition. By cutting a little into the good sections, it is possible to effect a longer lasting and neater looking repair.
  • Cutting – This is the crucial stage and before starting, we will set the blade in the circular saw to the correct depth, so that it cuts to the bottom of the asphalt surface but no deeper. The lines are cut in straight sections, with the saw being lifted clear of the asphalt before any change of direction. By following this cutting protocol, we avoid any unnecessary damage to the blades that we use and are therefore able to complete such work at highly competitive prices. For economical asphalt cutting in Perth, Protec is your obvious choice.

Once the cutting has been completed, the next stage will depend on what exactly it is that you have hired us to do. For patch repairs, we will use shovels to remove the cut section of asphalt before inspecting the base, make any necessary repairs, and then pour the new asphalt. For utility trench cuts, it is normally necessary to remove more material than just the asphalt surface and how we achieve this aim will depend on the nature of the sub-grade material and the size of the trench on which we are working.

Planning and Scheduling

When planning asphalt cutting work in the city, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Firstly, is the area in which we will be working a private or public one? When working on private land, it is usually a simple task to stop all traffic from entering but when working on public highways or on private land that is adjacent to a public road, negotiations with the local government regarding the timing of your project will be necessary. As experienced asphalt cutters and repairers, we will be more than happy to assist you with these negotiations or indeed to handle them on your behalf.

Why Protec Asphalt Is the Best Choice for Asphalt Cutting In Perth

There are quite a few companies in the city and surrounding area that offer cutting services at competitive prices but very few of them have the knowledge and experience that we have gained during our time in the industry. If you are planning a time-sensitive project and simply cannot afford unexpected delays, partnering with Protec Asphalt is the only sensible choice. We are used to working with tight deadlines and every member of our team is accustomed to working under pressure without letting that pressure affect the quality of the work they perform.

Call or email us today to discuss your asphalt cutting requirements, and any other work that you would like us to undertake in or around the city of Perth.